Blue Ridge joins the CGRU

Effective Aug 1, 2022, the Blue Ridge Conference will be joining the CGRU.  The Blue Ridge is comprised of six D1 women's teams competing in the CRAA, including East Carolina University, James Madison University, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech.  Competitively, these teams will continue in the CRAA D1, joining the other CGRU women's D2 teams that also compete in the CRAA.

The conference has been administered primarily by one person (Nancy Kechner, UVa) over the last 20 years with the teams reaching much success on the national stage.  However, the CGRU was able to offer support in the areas of technology, finance, communication, & administration.  While the Blue Ridge teams agreed on their end,  the CGRU member clubs overwhelmingly voted 26-3 for the merger.  

Already, these teams have been included on the CGRU website as they prepare for the upcoming playoffs.

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