Fine Structure

In an effort to encourage compliance, the CGRU has implemented a fine structure relating to the operation of safe and effective rugby.  Having a responsible Match Secretary who can follow processes will help your club avoid any penalties.

  • No attendance at a mandatory union meeting: $100 
  • No approved medical staff on the sidelines for the entirety of a match: $100 and forfeit
  • Field improperly marked, no goal post padding, no restraining ropes, improper kit: $25 each 
  • Game-related improper CIPP/Team sheet: First offense, $50, Additional offenses, $100 
  • Incorrect match report by Sunday: First offense, $50, Additional offenses, $100
  • League match forfeit with notice and game played: No fine, loss of one point  
  • League match forfeit with notice and no game: No fine, loss of two points 
  • League match forfeit with no notice and no game: $200 fine and loss of three points  
  • Forfeiting a playoff match: $300 and ineligible for playoffs the following year 

Referee expenses to be paid for any cancellations without notice.  Cancellations may be forced by referee for non-compliance relating to pitch or medical.