Union Meeting Agenda

CGRU Union Meeting

February 7, 2022 7pm

Agenda - Please see the prepared slides which include all of the topics as well as specific details of the vote. Slides HERE

I. President’s welcome

III. Playoffs (Moved to the end!)

IV. Match reporting process changes

V. Fine structure


VI. Union vote - All club presidents or their proxies will receive a vote link via email just prior to the start of the meeting.  

    • Be sure to email scott.conway@CGRU.rugby with the proxy email address so that the link can be sent 
    • Voting can occur as we proceed through the slides.  
    • Votes will include (Bylaw section in parenthesis):
      • Addition of Women’s Collegiate Division 1 (S2.01)
      • Date of the AGM (S3.02)
      • Length of Officer Term (S4.01 & S4.02)
      • Length of Union Officials Terms (No precedent in the bylaws)
      • Executive Director of Referees (S4.01 & S6.01)
      • Alignment of Officer Titles (S4.01)