Social Media

Gone are the days of big Joe, the prop, impressing young lads at the bar with his drinking prowess, then dragging them to the next training session as the next batch of rugby recruits. Communication today requires a revamped strategy, including social media. Rugby is truly a game for everyone, so it requires multiple communication tools to reach our target audience...everyone.

It is highly recommended that every club in our union has a managed website as well as a social media manager. Those that put forth the resources tend to have higher recruiting numbers.  We all know that can lead to better training sessions, an improved competitive side, and just a greater rugby experience for those involved. 

Building Rugby is a facebook group created by Johnson City's Adam Jasenak in an effort to share and discuss ideas on how to run and grow a rugby team.  Take a look and be part of the conversation on how we will make CGRU rugby stronger. (

CGRU Social Media

In addition to the news function on our website, we use the following social media tools for communication:

Twitter: @carolinasrugby

Instagram: @carolinasrugby

Facebook: @carolinasrugby