Match Reporting

Match Reports

All matches that lead to a CGRU Championship or USA Rugby National Championship are required to be entered into the USA Rugby Competition Management System (CMS). Clubs must complete the following procedures:

  1. The night before the match, clubs must enter their preliminary match roster in the CMS website. Before kickoff of the match, both teams must provide a copy of that roster to an opposition representative. Any changes to the actual game-day roster, including potential reserves, must be indicated on the preliminary roster submitted to the opposition. The preliminary roster will indicate name, CIPP#, position, jersey number, front-row eligibility, and citizenship/eligibility.

  2. Prior to the match, each club shall provide to the opposition club an eligibility file or notebook which will include for each player listed on the CMS preliminary roster:

    1. Photo-copy or original of valid photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, passport page, military ID, college ID)

    2. For non-US citizens, photocopy or original of proof of citizenship/eligibility.

  3. An authorized representative of each club shall verify, by signature on both preliminary rosters, that he has read the information contained in the opposition club’s roster and that he has examined the opposition club’s eligibility file. This process of verification neither constitutes nor implies a waiver of the right to future challenge of the eligibility of players or the validity of the match roster. It simply verifies that the representative has examined the opposition’s portion of the Match roster and the opposition’s eligibility file.

  4. Within 72 hours after the match both clubs shall edit (if needed) the preliminary match roster on the CMS website and shall enter all appropriate match information for their club in the post-match report including:

    1. Final match roster

    2. Scores: type, time, and player

    3. Substitutions: type, time, and player

    4. Disciplinary action

  5. Within 72 hours after the match both clubs shall scan and email the following items to their Divisional Director:
    1. Signed match roster 

    2. Running score form signed by the referee

    3. Player movement/substitution form

  6. Failure to comply with any or all of the above requirements or refusal to provide the required information is sufficient grounds for sanctions for the offending club including match forfeiture, disqualification, and/or monetary fines.