Match Reporting

CRGU Match Reporting

Team Sheet

Prior to a match, each team shall create a team sheet in SportLomo using their club login. The Sportlomo login is: 

  • Step 1 - In the Members/Team Sheets section, select Team Sheets.
  • Step 2 - You should see at least 1 upcoming match.  Select your next match by clicking on your team name.
  • Step 3 - Towards the bottom center, select 'Players’.
  • Step 4 - You will see a blank list.  On the right side, select the person with the “+” sign to add a player.
  • Step 5 - A list of all of your CIPP’d players will appear.  Select the appropriate player for that position.  Repeat for all positions and substitutes..
  • Step 6 - Once all players are added, you can make edits such as switching positions.  The player’s number can be the same as the position.  This is somewhat irrelevant at this point.
  • Step 7 - Save the sheet, and then print.
  • Step 8 - Bring the hardcopy sheet to the match.  Fill in the score (including the number of tries) and get opposing team and referee signatures.

NOTE: Going forward, you can copy a team sheet so that you are not adding all players each week.  You will see this option at Step 4 to “Copy Existing Teamsheet”.


All scores shall be submitted via email to the respective division email group.  Each unique group address includes the Division Director, the Director of Operations, and the Director of Communications.  The Division Director is accountable for issues as well as data entry into SportLomo.  In the instance where the Division Director is unavailable, The Director of Rugby Operations will become accountable.  This will be discussed ahead of time, and will have no effect on the process followed by the teams.

  • Men’s D2
  • Men’s D3
  • Men’s D4
  • Women’s D2

As with all email addresses, capitalization is irrelevant.

  • Women’s D1 results are tracked by the MidAtlantic Conference at  Please contact them for their exact process.

The results shall include the Team Sheet (scanned copy that includes the signatures) and the score including the number of tries scored by each team.  The try count is needed for calculation of bonus points in the standings.

All scores shall be submitted by EOD the day after the match.  For example, all Saturday scores shall be reported by Sunday night.

Once scores are entered into SportLomo by the Director, the results and standings will be updated automatically on the CGRU website.

Director Responsibilities

Once scores have been sent to the Division result email group, the Director shall enter the scores into SportLomo, assuming there are no conflicts between the competitor’s emails.

  • Log in to SportLomo using your Director Login
  • On your Main menu, go to the Game Management section and select Input Results
  • Filter by the Division (or Competition), or by Date.  Then select “Search”.  Note that this isn’t a button or obvious link
  • Matches will appear.  You will need to add the score and the number of tries for each team.  At the bottom of the list of matches, click on Input Results. Again, not an obvious button or link.

To edit results, get back to the Main menu and select Edit Results in the Game Management section.  Select your filters, and then edit.

To edit a match, get back to the Main menu and select Edit Games (Edit Games by Date also works).  If a match has been postponed, add “Postponed” to the public comments for that match.  If you know the revised date, you can update the date and add “rescheduled from ‘date’”.