Coaching Development

Growing and improving club rugby administration and coaching throughout the Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union is just as important, if not more important, than the growth in playing numbers. Good club administration improves player recruiting, retention, and satisfaction. Excellent coaching improves the overall playing experience for all players, thus improving player retention rates and level of competition. As the CGRU plans to introduce coach development opportunities to go along with player development opportunities.

Developing rugby in the Carolinas is important to the Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union. As part of our commitment to providing development opportunities for club administrators, coaches, and players the CGRU sets aside funding each year for at least two development camps/clinics.

If your club is interested in hosting an admin, coaching, and/or player development camp please fill out the application below. When completing the application, please be as descriptive as possible and attach documentation such as quotes, detailed estimates, timelines, etc. Use as much space as needed to describe your project.

Admin/Coaching/Player Development Camp Application

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USA Rugby Members are granted exclusive access to The Rugby Site enrollment discounted rates.

Subscription discount for USA Rugby registered coaches and players
Senior and College Coach
$89.96 Annually
$75.00 Annually
$38.95 Annually
$14.95 Annually
Youth and High School Coach
$38.95 Annually
$35.00 Annually

To learn more about the discounts available to USA Rugby members, please follow this link