Start a Club

Starting a Club

Starting a club is a great idea and one of the best things you can do to grow rugby in your area. There are a number of under served areas in the Carolinas that are in need of rugby clubs for both men and women. The more people that play rugby the better. Clubs can be started in communities of all sizes, and some of the fastest growing clubs in the CGU are from small communities. There are also many large communities in the Carolinas that do not have rugby clubs.

There are a few things you need to know about starting a club to make sure it is a success. So here is a list of the bare minimum requirements of starting a club. Additional things to think about include but are not limited to: team jerseys, team logos, purchasing equipment, and fundraising.

1. Contact the CGU

This is your first step in starting a club. Make your intentions known to the CGU so that we may help you through the process of launching a new club. The CGU actively encourages starting new clubs and will do everything in our power to help your club with setting up a solid foundation for future growth and success.

2. Register with USA Rugby

Once you decide to start a club, you need to contact USA Rugby to register your club. Your club will need an administrator, a coach, and at least 15 players to become compliant. Once your club is compliant, you may enter CGU competitions and use SERRS referees.

3. Get a Coach

Each CGU club is required to have a USA Rugby Level 200 coach to be compliant. If you are interested in starting a club, odds are you are planning on coaching yourself. In that case, congratulations! you have already completed step 1. If you are in need of coaching certification or are looking for a coach, please contact us and we will do our very best to assist you. 

 4. Get Players

Now that you have the administrative requirements out of the way, it is time to start lining up players. This is perhaps the most difficult step in starting a new club. 

5. Establish a Budget & Obtain Funding

Establish a club budget that is realistic and obtainable. As starting a new club can be difficult, start with a small budget and build it as your club grows. It is a delicate balance between covering your club expenses (field rentals, jerseys, referee fees, etc.) and overcharging players with dues. The less you charge players, the more likely you will be able to recruit new players to the sport. The CGU can assist in helping set a budget and work with your club on fundraising ideas.

6. Adhere to all of the Rules and Regulations of CGU

Follow the CGU Code of Conduct and operational policies.