See the links below for information on gameday procedures, reporting scores to USA Rugby, as well as other resources.

2015/2016 Competition Management System Handbook

Roster Form

Player Movement/Substitution Form

Running Score Form

Technical Zone Management Guidelines

Competition Management System

The forms under CMS are to be used during the competitive season. Note that your Team Manager, Administrator or Coach should use the Roster, Substitution, and Running Score forms for each match. You will use the data from the forms to input your CMS information after the match. Please retain your hard copies until the next season. If you have already played a match, please input all of your data from your completed matches as well.

As noted in the competition management handbook, teams can find the competition management system at the following:

Clubs should read the Competitions Handbooks (link above), as this cuts down on 99% of the questions they might have. The instructions are attached, as are game-tracking (4th referee) sheets for match day data collection.